0364321365 (Breno) - 0307821474 (Brescia) info@k-pax.eu

Thanks to experience gained in projects of assistance to asylum seekers, refugees and adults (as well as with minors) in difficulty, the operators adopt a work ethic characterized by operational pragmatism and shared values of social solidarity and cosmopolitanism.

The mission of the Cooperative “K-pax” is to support individuals and families in difficult socio-economic situations, by using a range of transversal actions developed in synergy with other bodies and local services in the territory.

The interventions developed by the Social Cooperative K-pax are realised with the aim of preventing social exclusion and isolation from social networks, and by promoting the integration of those who are most socially vulnerable: single women and women with children, un-waged/low-waged families, migrants, asylum seekers and refugees.


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